1. I would eat ice cream with every meal if I could.
2. I've watched every season of Grey's Anatomy at least 5 times.
3. I love all things Star Wars.
4. The beach is my favorite place to be.
5. I have expensive taste in food, so catch me munching on hibachi and fondue on a weekly basis.
6. As the youngest of four girls, I've perfected the skill of yelling over others to be heard.
7. I'm an empath, so if you see me crying randomly or smiling like a loon, mind your business.
8. I have a secret, insatiable craving to live in the mountains.
9. Singing was my first love.
10. I like shorter books that I can finish reading in one day because I hate having to wait to find out what happens.

I am a family, newborn, and wedding photographer based out of Tallahassee, Florida. My husband and I were married in September 2015. We have two beautiful sons, three cats, and two dogs. I am a Tallahassee native and love incorporating Tallahassee's natural beauty into my photographs. When I'm not photographing sweet families and amazing couples, I'm studying for my law degree, watching Netflix with my husband, and chasing toddlers around the house.

When my first son was born, photography took on a whole new meaning for me. Being able to document all of the big and simple moments of his life in such a beautiful way was and is a blessing for me. My family is the reason behind everything I do, including my decision to become a business owner. I know firsthand how important and meaningful a picture can be. As a photographer, it is my hope to be able to share this gift with all of my clients as well.


Fun Facts